Sunday, May 10, 2009

School sued over lesbian lecturer

The Pacific Justice Institute is suing a California school district after students were addressed by a lesbian pastor.


Brad Dacus, founder of the Pacific Justice Institute, tells OneNewsNow a lesbian minister visited Castro Valley High School and gave a presentation called "Out for Good." The parents found out about the incident after the fact.
"A lesbian minister was invited to guest lecture for math and science classes," he explains. "At that time, she shared her personal views on homosexuality, including a discussion of her lesbian wedding, the homosexual prom, and other such events and things that many parents were very concerned about once they heard this had taken place."
Parents requested information on what her teaching entailed, and the high school and district refused to share the information.
"So we at the Pacific Justice Institute have filed a lawsuit against that school district on behalf of the parents to defend their rights under the Ppublic Records Act to have access to that information as to exactly what the teacher said, what did she do, and how the students responded," Dacus says.
Dacus also contends the district ought to develop a written policy to make sure parents are informed in advance so they can opt to have their children removed from the environment.