Sunday, May 10, 2009

Motivated by "fear and hate"

As Californians wait for a decision from their Supreme Court upholding traditional marriage’s definition in our Constitution (expected in the next couple of weeks), homosexual marriage activists are ramping up their rhetoric to portray anyone who voted for Proposition 8 as hateful bigots.  Yesterday, Equality California released an email that referred to us as being “motivated by fear and hate.”  The ostensible subject of the email was their push for the state of California to recognize Harvey Milk Day as a statewide “day of significance,” thereby commemorating Milk in public schools across the state.

Ironically, this same group of same-sex proponents fraudulently argued several months ago that public school curriculum would never  promote same-sex marriage!  Yet now they are pushing a bill that would require schools to hold ceremonies on campus to honor a man for his sexual identity. We don’t have to imagine what they would require if gay marriage was legal in California. Attorneys representing gay marriage in Massachusetts argued that parents should never have the right to shield their children from homosexual marriage curricula!

A couple of weeks ago, an official with the Human Rights Campaign said on a national television program that supporters of traditional marriage are “outright bigots” who can only prevail through “lying and misrepresenting the facts.”

You can see the strategy that is being used: anyone who disagrees with the aggressive homosexual agenda is a hateful bigot, and any argument against it is based on lies and misrepresentations. Worse still, the media never challenges this characterization by gay activists. 

But don’t lose heart!  When those who oppose you can provide nothing more than insults, you’re on the right track!  The reasons for the protection of traditional marriage come from sound public policy, and people of good will and clear conscience can stand tall for marriage and children. Forms New Educational and Advocacy Arms

As we’ve promised, has formed a 501(c)(3) organization called Educational Foundation. The foundation’s charter is to educate the public about the importance of maintaining the historic purpose and meaning of marriage. We will be working with faith communities, ethnic constituencies and citizens across California to advance a pro-marriage, pro-family discussion. We also have established a 501(c)(4) advocacy group, Action Fund, to promote pro-marriage positions in the Legislature and court of public opinion. 

We’re now in the process of finalizing our implementation plans for both groups. The challenge ahead is significant. We will be hiring staff and field organizers across the state. We will be conducting polling and focus groups to refine messages. We will be working with scholars and academic experts on the importance of marriage. And we will be recruiting volunteer leaders in communities across the state to work with us.

This new effort from Action Fund could not come at a better time. Equality California has just launched a new series of television ads promoting their idea of family. One ad features two gay men and their sons. Another features two lesbians and a teenaged daughter. The children don’t have a mom and a dad, but two “dads” or two “moms.” That is exactly what gay marriage does – it intentionally denies a child either a mother or a father.

Note the positioning here: supporters of traditional marriage are hateful and bigoted, and our opposition’s ads promote themselves as loving couples who are being denied their “rightful” desire to marry (by these hateful bigots).  

During the Prop 8 campaign, we never once allowed gay marriage advocates to go unchallenged when they stated, “Gay marriage is not about children.” To the contrary, marriage has everything to do with children! And we cannot allow the accusations and insults to go unanswered, as they could begin to have an impact on people. Action Fund and Educational Foundation will be the organizations that lead the defense of marriage in California. We need your help. Will you please make a contribution of $1,000, $500, $250 or $100 to the Action Fund to support our work? Of course, every dollar counts, and we will appreciate gifts of any size. We need to pay for polling and focus groups, hire staff and consultants and retain academic experts. Our opponents plan to hire 25 field organizers in the next few weeks and have already launched new television ads. We must implement our plan now! You can make a secure donation by clicking here. As a 501(c)(4), contributions to the Action Fund are not tax deductible, but contributions are protected from public disclosure.

Several news organizations reported today that our opponents are getting ready to take this issue to voters in 2010. The work that we do together now could make all the difference in whether the institution of marriage as we have known and loved it survives.  Please help us defend marriage by making a contribution today.